I've been training horses professionally for 6 years and have worked with horses most of my life. I implement mostly natural horsemanship styles but also utilize some traditional styles that I've found helpful as well. I include other types of problem solving techniques for horses with severe temperament and behavioral issues. Some strategies I use are feed remedies, farrier corrections, stable or environment conditions, and general body care like chiropractic and massage. My theory behind this holistic approach is my belief that in some instances there are more than just training gaps.

I primarily find myself in the field of basic training, colt starting, problem solving and trail performance. However, I do give riding and horse care/handling instruction. These are on a general level and not particular to any discipline. I strive for better riding foundations which will allow you and your horse to excel in all riding styles. I find the foundation relationship you have with your horse is usually what needs work.

I offer a variety of lesson courses for your horse, standard things most trainers will teach your horse to do, but I also include in my training a Payneless approach. Now don't get me wrong, it’s not all treats and pats on the head. Horses I work with have the choice to do the right thing and if they opt out of this they find themselves working harder as opposed to being disciplined with a tool (whip, spur, slap etc...). I do occasionally use aids to help send the correct message but these are used in a visual manner and not as a force factor.

I don’t generally use training aids like spurs, tie-downs, martingales and other equipment designed to prevent the horse form doing something. I tailor my training specifically to each horse to help him decide why he wants to do it my way - the easy way. After a few lessons many horses wont want to opt out, they’re generally trying to do the right thing. I teach my training horses to think things out, instead of forcing them to behave. This prevents a ton of problems like bucking, head tossing, biting, refusal, barn sour, buddy sour, arena sour and more.

I compete in Barrel racing, Trail events, Schooling shows, some local shows and team penning. I train Western riding and some basic English riding.


  • Full training 30 days $600
  • If you wish to provide you own feed $450 for 30 days
  • Lessons away from home for you or your horse $35 per hour
  • Lessons for you on my horse $50 per hour
  • Lessons here on your horse $25 per hour
  • Lessons here on my horse $35 per hour
  • Hauling, depending on mileage, starts at $25
  • I offer trail rides for up to two people at a time on my horses, to the beach or trail heads: $50 per hour per horse- max. 3 hours

I also do some trading of fees, sell horses for clients and help facilitate homes for pet horses.

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