Are you looking for the kind of horse you can take anywhere and do anything with?

Are you looking for safety as well as a performance?

Do you want a horse that’ll be your riding partner and not an accident waiting to happen?

When you have your horse trained at Payneless Performance Horses you get the best deal around.

stacey trainging a horse and rider stacey trainging a horse and rider stacey trainging a horse and rider stacey trainging a horse and rider stacey trainging a horse and rider

Hi, I’m Stacey Payne of Payneless Performance Horses!

When you send your horse to me for training I actually ride and handle your horse for the entire training duration. There’s no clueless flunky teaching or assisting with your horse and there’s no vague direction from the person you’re paying to train your horse. You get who and what you pay for. I only accept horses I have the time for. No trainer in the world can ride and handle 10 horses a day. More than likely you’ve been to a training facility where they have over 20 horses in training. They’ll have a groom who is teaching your horse to tie, stand, tack up and behave and a warm up person to lunge, round pen and exercise your horse. If the exercise rider doesn’t give your horse the planned lesson then your trainer will put a few laps on him in the arena and turn him over to someone else to cool him down. Then back to the groom to be put away. Now who’s really training your horse?

Stacey galloping a horse through ocean waves

At Payneless Performance Horses I spend all the time with your horse, from the time I pull him out of his stall until he’s finished his lesson which includes a tack-up session, ground work, riding, and an outdoor or obstacle lesson. Then, when he’s passed all of his daily tests, he’ll be cooled down and put away ~ by me. My horses learn multiple lessons each day in addition to receiving trailering, trail riding and away from home experiences along with their standard riding or handling sessions.

Owners are encouraged to come out and watch, participate in weekly lessons with their horse, and check my references.

Horses I sell are all guaranteed not to be wackos. I buy back horses that just won’t do what you need, although I haven’t had to do that once in all the years I’ve been training! However, I have bought back horses that owners have lost interest in or otherwise can’t take care of.

I offer breeding services to handle stallions for their owner. I no longer have an on-site stallion but do breed my mares for well-rounded, trainable foals that I have available periodically for sale.

Stacey galloping a horse through ocean waves

Amenities at my facility include an ever expanding trail course, stalls, wash rack, turnouts, 50 ft. round pen, trailering availability and short riding trails. I conduct more extensive arena work at off-site facilities and haul regularly to other trailheads, the beach and even any veterinary appointments you set up.

Any horse in training with me will do all that you want and more! I give you back a horse that is safe, well mannered and a breeze to ride and handle. From start to broke you’ll get more for your money with Payneless Performance Horses. If it’s “problem solving” you’re seeking, you can bet I’ll fix more than just the one issue. And if it’s trail riding or competition you’re after, your horse will amaze you once I’m finished with him.

Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss what your horse training needs are. I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results you get when you bring your horse to Payneless Performance Horses!

Stacey galloping a horse through ocean waves

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